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In the beginning was the noise . . .

 (aka Rick de Yampert)
is a sitar, Moyo drum and Native American flute player residing in the Daytona Beach, Florida, area. He performs Asian chill, world fusion, trance, raga, Buddha lounge, Beatles and down-tempo chill-out music, and also some funky fusion and up-tempo, tribal dance soundscapes.

Upcoming Performances:

Ormond Beach Memorial Art Museum & Gardens
Jan. 19, 2018


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So say the Hindus, whose ancient, sacred cosmology proclaims that sound begat the gods and goddesses, not vice-versa.

The Nada Brahma -- the first sound, the eternal vibration . . . "Sound is God."

Ever since the Big Bang, the Universe has been making noise, making music.

When we humans came onto the scene a few cosmic seconds ago, we sensed the Nada Brahma coursing through stone, water, air, earth, fire, forest, mountain, sky, moon, sun, stars . . . in the rhythm of rain, the crack of lightning, the rumble of thunder, the sigh of the wind.

And our ancestors also noticed something curious, strange, exhilarating and joyous within the rhythms of our heart beats and our breath: We also felt the Nada Brahma vibrating through blood and bone . . . our blood, our bone.

The Nada Brahma is us!

And so humankind joined the band, too. We began to summon the Nada Brahma, to conjure and shape it -- not only its sound vibrations, tuned to a natural E, but also its visual vibrations, from ultra violet to infra red . . . its psychic vibrations, thought waves fluttering to the edge of the universe . . . its spirit vibrations, the heart beats of the Goddess and Gods synchronizing with our human souls, calling us to dance with them.

From the first hollowed log drums and those shaman-artist cave drawings, to the first bards and minstrels, to the cricket-like drone of the first ancient sitar, to Shakes and Yeats, to Camus climbing mountains beside Sisyphus and the Beatles wondering if "Tomorrow Never Knows" . . .   

We humans felt compelled to bend, shape, emulate and re-create the Nada Brahma.

We had to make some noise.

Here are the noises of one traveler upon this strange and beautiful world.



New video -- Sitarick performs the Beatles:

(Click on title above to play video. Find this audio track on Sitarick's CD
"Shiva, Dancing Westward")


Upcoming Performances

***  Rick de Yampert performs East-West fusion on sitar and Native American flutes at the opening reception of the art exhibit "Mandalas: 4 Artists Enter the Circle."


The event will be at 6-8 p.m. Friday Jan. 19 at the Ormond Beach Memorial Art Museum & Gardens, 78 E. Granada Blvd., Ormond Beach, Florida. Admission is free and open to the public. Information: The museum at 386-676-3347 or ormondartmuseum.org, or Rick at 386-334-2752.

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